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‘Breakfast is a meal apart’. Ours is served from an extensive menu ,from 8am on a weekday and a more leisurely 9AM on Saturdays.

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Lunch & Dinner

For lunch and dinner we offer the alla carte menu ,inspired by the French grand cafes of Europe.

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Wine List

A huge variety of French wines and other counties listed by the famous sommelier Giorgos Vagenas. Last but not least, we honor Greek wine producers by serving their brands.

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Meet our Chef

Dimitris Stamoudis, Odeon Bistrot’s chef

Renowned chef Dimitris Stamoudis, aged 39, has already worked in eminent restaurants, next to the best chefs.

Working in restaurants such as the Spondi in Athens, Bristol in Paris, Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian…

Cocktails and Drinks
A fully updated list of fancy cocktails will be mixed by our experienced bartender Petros Danezis, which will surely cover all your tastes and desires for all time classic and special cocktails